"Is there a doctor in the house? Steve McKee is good for what ails today's companies in search of growth. He's been through it, and he has isolated the key symptoms that hold companies back."

Rance Crain, President, Crain Communications and Editor-in-Chief, Advertising Age

"Don't be fooled by the title--this book isn't just for stalled companies. McKee covers important principles that all companies should be thinking about, especially new or fast-growing companies."

Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

"Steve McKee has zeroed in on the symptoms and challenges facing every business. Being aware of the issues is half the battle, and this book helps you win. A must-read for all businesses, especially emerging companies."

Anupam Narayan, President and CEO, Red Lion Hotels Corporation

"When Growth Stalls is both insightful and timely. I was fortunate to read this during a difficult financial time for my industry. And having read it, I feel more secure in weathering the economic and management storms I face."

Mary Lee Keane, President, Effie Worldwide

"When Growth Stalls is not only timely, it's timeless. These challenges confront managers in good times and bad, and McKee offers practical advice that people in every industry can use. This book will be relevant for years to come."

David Humphrey, CEO, Massage Envy

"This is like a splash of cold water in the face, because it truly mirrors the reality we face day in and day out in an increasingly competitive environment. Well worth spending time absorbing and applying to one's business enterprise, whether large or small."

Mark Chmiel, EVP and Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Denny's, Inc.

"This is a must read for all business leaders. Steve McKee offers real-world examples and insight into why growth stalls, and tells how to overcome the pitfalls that cause it. I couldn't put this book down."

Todd Parent, Founder and CEO, Extreme Pizza

"Steve McKee brings focused insights and keen observations to bear against a business leader's greatest fear. When Growth Stalls is the field manual for those facing the challenge of getting things back on track."

Tom McLoughlin, Vice President, Marketing, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

"Any business leader planning on sustaining growth for the long term should read this book. It's inevitable that you will experience stalled growth at some point and this book, based on the author’s own experience, provides a realistic approach to overcoming it."

Jamie Chilcoff, President and CEO, FiberTech Polymers

"Business stalled? Steve McKee feels your pain because he's been there. McKee lays out well-researched reasons why companies stall–and how you can get yours out of its funk. Written from his heart, it’ll lift your soul and your bottom line."

Tory Johnson, CEO, Women For Hire

"If your company growth has stalled or if you want to grow faster, this book is the fastest way to find enlightenment.”

Mike Faith, CEO & President, Headsets.com, Inc.

"For any executive or business leader, the timing of When Growth Stalls couldn’t be more perfect. McKee provides specific strategies, examples, and ideas for improving and maintaining growth, especially in turbulent times."

Tina Sampson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

"Steve McKee has effectively woven years of research into his personal experience, making When Growth Stalls a compelling read, particularly in challenging economic times. We're all worried about stalling out and I finished the book re-charged and fueled with solid information to drive my business' growth."

Mark Vengroff, CEO, Vengroff, Williams & Associates, Inc.

"By using real-world examples of businesses facing the challenge of stalled growth, McKee makes his principles easy to understand and entertaining for the reader. A particularly timely guide for executives, managers and entrepreneurs."

Ethan Ewing, President, Bills.com

"When Growth Stalls is a practical presentation of how marketing-based management principles can contribute to enduring growth. A quick and entertaining read, it cuts through the complexity to focus on solutions and help accelerate the time to renewed growth."

Ian Davison, Marketing Director, Detour Bars

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